Wrecked Cars

If you’re owner of a car that’s recently been in an accident leaving it in a wrecked state and you now wish to get rid of it, don’t worry! Zoom Car Removal is here to help you solve your problem. Zoom Car Removal is one of Australia’s leading wrecked car removers with offices and Scrap Yards in Sydney. At Zoom Car Removal, we offer cash for wrecked cars, and car removal services for a wide range of damaged vehicles including cars, trucks, 4WD and commercial vehicles. No matter what the brand, we’re here to help you get rid of it. We accept vehicles of every condition; may it be old, unused, slightly damaged or completely wrecked by an accident.

Our simple 4 step procedure makes dealing very easy!

  1. Call us and our 24/7 operators will give guide of the procedure and give you a FREE quote!
  2. Co-ordinate with us the time and place for pickup which will be decided solely by your convenience!
  3. We’ll be there to pick up your vehicle on time and our team will tow it with the help of our tow truck!
  4. To end the smooth dealing, our team will hand you the cash at your doorstep!
Wrecked Cars

Our scrapping process is completely eco-friendly!

Once we’ve taken your wrecked vehicle, it will directly be taken to one of our large scrap yards across the city. There our team of auto dismantlers will carefully dismantle the vehicle and remove all parts that are reusable from it including the wheels, battery, etc. These reusable parts will be added to our collection of rare auto parts for resale. Similarly, since our process is environment friendly, the recyclable parts will also be separated from the wrecked vehicle to be recycled further. That is how, with our scrapping process, your junk will be turned into gold for us and many others.

Why choose us:

  • We offer the BEST possible prices for your wrecked vehicles because we value each part of it.
  • We offer a service as quick as within 2 hours and will be there on the time you mention.
  • We have a skilled team that’s amiable at the same time.
  • We cater to a wide range of locations and reach you wherever you are.
  • No hidden charges are involved; in fact our quote, pickup and scrapping process is absolutely FREE.
  • Our team will handle all the paperwork for you.
  • Cash will be paid to you ON THE SPOT with no delay.
  • We take care of the environment by keeping an eco-friendly scrapping process.
  • We’re a trusted and licensed business that will leave you with nothing but satisfaction of your services!

Call us today at 02 8011 1075