Scrap Yard Sydney

At Zoom Car Removal, we cater to all your car disposal needs with our skilled team, high rates and quick process. And that is possible just because of our Scrap Yards. We offer removal for all types of cars that are damaged, wrecked by an accident or driven unusable by lying around in a garage for years. We also accept cars of all the top brands like Ford, Toyota and Honda, may they be domestic or foreign. Thanks to our scrap yards that are the largest in the city, manned by professionally trained teams of auto dismantlers who take care of the scrapping process.

Call us today to get your damaged cars scrapped:

You can give us a call today and follow our simple procedure to hire the best Car Disposal Service to get rid of your scrap car. Let us know your car’s make, model and condition so that we can give you a FREE quote after careful consideration. Once you’ve decided to hire us just let us know when and where to come for pickup and we’ll be there! Our service can be availed as quick as within an hour if you wish. Our pickup will be a smooth process where our skilled team, along with the well-equipped truck will solve all your problems! That’s not even the best part; after towing the vehicle our workers will give you the cash on the spot!

Scrap Yard Sydney

Our Scrapping and Disposal Process:

Our scrapping process, which is absolutely ECO-FRIENDLY takes place at our large scrap yards located in the city where we have a skilled team of auto dismantlers coming with training from the auto industry. The reason why we offer TOP DOLLAR for all scrap vehicles is because of the reusable and recyclable wealth we get from your cars in our scrapping process. We thus weigh your vehicle’s parts and body to pay you every dollar’s worth!

Our team of auto dismantlers starts working on your vehicle as soon as it arrives at the scrap yard. They first strip the car until it’s reduced down to a bare shell in the process of which they remove all parts that are reusable, recyclable and junk. The reusable parts such as the battery and wheels are then resold to be reused whereas recyclable parts such as the catalytic converter and sent for recycling. The shell is then pressed and crushed to turn it into a frame. This frame is not wasted either as scrap metal is made out of it to be reused yet again! Now you see that’s how valuable something you consider a piece of junk is! It also contributes to the society by being an environmentally friendly process!

So what are you waiting for? CALL US TODAY 02 8011 1075 to get rid of that scrap car taking up unnecessary space in your driveway or garage and become a part of Zoom Car Removal’s group of happy clients!