Old Car Removal


As human beings, we often tend to hold onto things that have sentimental values attached to them. In many cases, these things include an old car or a vehicle that we keep with us for years because we can’t gather the courage to let this old friend of the past go. There comes a point, however, when you realise it’s better to let go of this car rusting away in your garage and taking up unnecessary space in return for cash to spend on something new with which you can make new memories.

If this is your story then you’ve come to the right place! At Zoom Car Removal, we specialise in old and Scrap Car Removal at the best possible prices. If your car is an old and outdated model that’s no problem. We accept cars of all makes and models may it be a Ford, Honda, Toyota or Suzuki, just give us a call! It’s not even an issue if your car is heavily damaged or covered in bushes and rust because at Zoom Car Removal, we value every piece of metal and accept damaged, rusted and second-hand cars. In fact, we don’t just accept cars but also other types of vehicles such as motorbikes, vans and trucks.

Once you’ve contacted us, the process is simple. All you have to do is call us and get a free quote for your vehicle and after you’ve decided to accept the offer just tell us the time and place for pickup and we’ll be there. We even provide our service on the same day that you call but if that’s not suitable for you, just let us know and we’ll coordinate the day that fits for you. Before we come for the pickup there are some things that you need to take care of on your part which include parking in a space accessible to our tow-truck, taking all your personal belongings out of the vehicle, removing the number plate from your car and last but not the least make sure you have a license or any other document for us to identify you with. If you have any trouble with the following just ask our trained professionals for help. Don’t forget to take that last family picture with your old companion before we take it away! We do not have branches in other cities but we prefer Cash 4 cars Sydney and car removals Lithgow both offer top dollar for old or unwanted autos.

Old Car Removal


Why Choose Zoom Car Removal?

Why choose us, you ask? For one reason out of many, we offer the best rates for old metal in the entire country! We carefully weigh out the value of your vehicle’s body and parts with the help of the weighing scale in our trucks and accordingly pay you every dollar’s worth. In fact, we don’t just value your vehicle but also your sentiments attached to it and thus offer the highest possible care for it. Our high reach in terms of location is also an important factor which suggests that we’ll reach you no matter where in the city you are. Not only do we offer the quickest and most hassle-free service, we also have the best staff, which is well trained and friendly at the same time. Thus with our years of experience and trusted reputation Zoom Car Removal proves to be the best place for you to sell your old car to get it removed for free, anywhere in Sydney. For more details contact us today 02 8011 1075