Free Car Removal Sydney


Zoom Car Removals, based in Sydney, is one of the renowned car removal servicing groups in terms of quality of service and customer relationships. If you need us to remove your unwanted, used/ unused, damaged, wrecked, scrap vehicles, you can simply call us at 0449 198 516 or 02 8011 1075. You can obtain an instant free quote by enquiring with our customer care representatives. We always make a fair deal with our customers letting them receive the top price of up to $6000 for their vehicles.

We also accept scrap vehicles such as trucks, vans, 4WDs, SUVs, motorbikes or any scrap metal. We do not demand a penny or towing charge for moving away your vehicle. We will remove them from any of our nearest service areas. Zoom Car Removals car removal services do not make any delays in moving away your vehicles. Zoom Car Removals car removal services possess all the necessary equipments and advanced machinery for loading, lifting and disposal purposes.

We Will Remove Your Unwanted Scrap Car

As the numbers of new and cheap import cars are increasing in the country, the number of scrap unwanted cars increases accordingly. Not only the number of scrap unwanted old cars increases but the congested street and roads causes a lot of accidents too, which brings even more damaged unwanted cars in the community. These damage scrap unwanted old cars sometimes can created a headache as it would be hard to sell them as due to having no market value or not worth to be re-registered.

Free Car Removals Sydney

In such a case, call Zoom Car Removals for Car Removal services. Our friendly customer service person will give you the quote for your car and will book a tow truck to remove the car as per your available date and time. We will note your address and number and will call you 1hour before the pickup time so you know that the tow truck is on its way to remove the scrap unwanted car from your premises.

In Victoria, Quick Car removals Melbourne Offers top Cash For unwanted and scrap cars, they offer FREE car removal service & Sydney Express Car Removal Sydney offers FREE car removal service Sydney wide.

You have a scrap or old car lying around that you want to sell but cannot because you think the towing and scrapping process will be too expensive? It’s your lucky day that you have found us as we are here to solve all your car removal problems with our FREE car removal service in Melbourne.

Zoom Car Removal offers:

  • FREE removal for all kinds of cars that are scrapped, old, damaged by an accident, unwanted, rusted, covered in bushes, new and unused for years.
  • Buying of cars from all makes and models such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, etc.
  • Buying of not just domestic but also foreign cars.
  • Removal of all types of vehicles, including cars, vans, jeeps, trucks, etc.

How it works?


The procedure is as simple as ABC! All you have to do is contact us by giving us a call to inquire about our service and tell us your vehicle’s make and model after which is the job is all ours. We’ll give you a FREE quote that’s the best fit for your vehicle after carefully calculating the cost. Once you accept our offer, just tell us the time and place and we’ll be there to collect your vehicle! We offer a service as quick as reaching within an hour or on the same day but the timings will totally depend on your convenience

Our skilled team will arrive in our well-equipped truck to tow your vehicle and the cash will be given to you on the spot at your doorstep. It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Why sell your car to us?


First of all, our service is absolutely FREE of cost for you. The only cash that will be paid in this process will be from us to you for selling your scrap vehicle to us. The removal/pickup and scrapping process is all on us and we also do all the paperwork for free leaving you with no price to pay and no hassle to go through! Your cash will be given to you quick and on the spot! We make no delay in payments just as we are always on time for pickup.

We offer TOP DOLLAR for your vehicles! You can trust us to pay you the BEST price in the city as our price libraries are reasonable and up-to-date even for the most damaged cars. Apart from that, our towing vehicle is equipped with a weighing scale to measure the body and parts of your vehicle and make sure that we pay you the right price. Our service is valid for all types of cars in terms of condition, make and model. In fact, we even accept all other types of vehicles too! Zoom Car Removal offers cash for cars service to a wide range of places in the city and even the suburbs!

Our staff is well trained to carry out the process smoothly and at the same time they are all very friendly so that our customers do not hesitate to ask them for any help. Our service is not just customer-friendly but also eco-friendly! We take special care in making sure the environment is not harmed in the process. Last but not the least, our trusted reputation and trouble-free procedure will give you an experience that you’ll never regret and we’ll try our best to ensure that you become our loyal customer!

Call us at 02 8011 1075