Zoom Car Removal FAQ

Zoom Car Removals knows you likely have questions about our “Cash for Cars” system. We have done our best to compile information that we feel will be helpful. However, if you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q. How Does the Car Removal Process Work?

A. Vehicle owners only need to contact us with the make, model, year and condition of their vehicle. We then provide our highest quotes possible, regardless of the make and condition of the vehicle. For vehicle owners that accept our Cash for Cars offer, we’ll then schedule a free Car Removal in —-. Our driver pays you our cash offer amount which will be paid on the spot at the time of the removal.

Q. How Much Will You Pay Me For My Car?

A. Each vehicle we make a quote on is priced according to the make, model, year and condition of the vehicle. It is impossible for us to provide a price for a vehicle until we have a complete description of the auto. We can tell you that we will provide you with our highest price offer for your vehicle within minutes of your enquiry.

Q. What Do I Need To Sell My Car To You?

A. We require the title of ownership or scrap certificate for the vehicle. In some cases, we may be able to accept the vehicle’s registration. Our car appraiser will let you know your options.

Q. What Should I Do Once I Sell My Car To You?

A. Once you sell your vehicle to us, you should take the vehicle’s plate to your local Department of Transport office. Once the plates are turned in, contact your insurance company to cancel the vehicle’s policy.

Q. What Will You Do With My Car?

A. What we do with your vehicle will depend on the condition of the vehicle. We may resale the auto, recycle it or use it for spare parts.

Q. Why Should I Sell My Car To You?

A. When Zoom Car Removal is your choice in a Car Buyer, you have chosen a company that guarantees to make you our best or highest Cash for Cars offer for your vehicle. We offer services that cater to our customers like free Car Removals and Auto Recycling.

Q. Where Are You Located?

A. We are located at: 31 Hollywood Drive
Lansvale NSW 2166
Email: info@zoomcarremoval.com.au
Phone: 02 8011 1075

Q. What Type of Vehicles Do You Buy?

A. We buy all types of vehicles. Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Utes, Jeeps, 4x4s, Buses & Motorcycles of any make and condition.

Q. Do You Buy Vehicles That Don’t Run?

A. Yes. We buy vehicles of all conditions.

Q. How Fast Can You Remove My Car?

A. Typically, we can be there within a few hours of accepting our Cash for Cars offer.

Q. What Payment Methods Do You Use?

A. When Zoom Car Removals buys a vehicle, we always pay in Cash.

Q. Do You Charge for Recycling?

A. No. All vehicles we buy to recycle will be recycled for free.

For more information on our Car Removal Services in Sydney, please contact us at 02 8011 1075.