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How to Sell Your Accident Car in Sydney


Selling an accident car is no easy task. The car is wrecked; sometimes it may be barely worth the costs of repairs and, typically, it will never be quite the same car once it is repaired. There is a solution. Zoom Car Removal offers car owners a way to get their accident condition cars sold for cash. We are the Sydney Car Removals that pays cash for cars of every make and condition.

Sell Your Accident Car Easily and Quickly

When the car is beyond repair or needs repairs that the owner is not willing to spend money to do, getting it sold to a company like us allows for a stress-free sale of the car. We are legitimate buyers that are in the business of buying accident cars and either scrapping the cars or making their repairs. This is why we can make high cash offers for cars with any level of damage to the engine or body, or both. When we are your buyer, we have a buying system that is so simple that you can get a quote in just minutes and won’t have to waste half your day to get a quote from us or to get your car sold.

Sell Your Car Without Any Expenses

While your car may be an accident condition and not roadworthy, you will not have to be concerned with how you will get the car to us to be appraised or sold. Worry not! We will appraise your car over the phone or online and come to you to buy & remove the car. We are legitimate car buyers so expect us to provide all legal paperwork to buy the cars and our cash payment to you at the time we remove the car. Our removals are always provided with no costs to our customers for their car towing.

We also provide the services of free wrecking & recycling for car owners with severely damaged cars. So, you simply have a way to get your car sold, collecting cash with no out of pocket expenses for any services you may require. We are top cash for accident cars buyer that will make you a quote for your car today.

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To obtain a cash quote from Zoom Car Removal, contact us at the number below or fill out our online “Get a Quote” form on our homepage. We make top cash offers on cars of any make and condition.

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