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How to Get an Accident Car in Sydney Sold

When the owner of an accident car is left with the car after their insurance company writing a check for the car, they are in the position to make more money on the car. Zoom Car Removal pays top cash for accident cars.

Why would someone want to buy a demolished car? For its scrap metals and any working parts under the hood. There are many ways for Cash for Car Sydney to optimise the value of your car, and it all starts with our expert wreckers and recyclers.

What We Do

When we pay cash for your accident car, our technician will come to your location in Sydney to buy & remove the car, offering a convenient car sale. We then bring the car back to our yard where our wreckers get right to work wrecking the car. The engine of the car will be dismantled, and our expert mechanics will then go through the parts of parts that can be reconditioned. What can’t be put into the recycling pile to recycle for its scrap metals. There are many types of metals under the hood of a car, and they all add up to cash.

We are the local car removal company in Sydney that pays cash for accident cars, making the selling experience one that is convenient.

When you have a car that you would like to sell, you simply contact us for a quote and will make you our best offer for your accident car. We require a complete description of the car so that we can be assured that we make an accurate quote.

Once quotes are provided, it is up to the car owner to accept or reject the quote or shop around a bit more. For car owners that accept our quote, we will then schedule a free car removal in Sydney at a time that is convenient for them.

Our car buying process is one that is quick:

1. Obtain a cash quote for your car over the phone or online.

2. Accept or reject the quote.

3. Schedule a free car removal in Sydney.

Get cash for your car today by calling us at the number below, or visiting our homepage to complete our online form. At Zoom Car Removal, we pay car owners top dollars for their accident cars. Call us at 02 8355 7345.