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NSW Scrap Car Owner? Here’s How to Get Some Cash

When you are a NSW scrap car owner, and find that the vehicle is only sitting around your yard, getting dirtier and junkier, then it’s likely time to consider a car removal company that pays Cash for Scrap Cars like Zoom Car Removals. At Zoom, we offer our customers up to $6K on scrap vehicles of every make and model of any age and condition.

So, why think your vehicle might be worth some decent cash? Scrap car or not, that junk vehicle has many metals, some of which may be precious metals that are quite valuable.

Metals in the vehicle, and under the hood include steel, aluminum, titanium, platinum, copper and iron. While steel makes up for about 65 percent of the metal in vehicles, there are many other metals that are quite valuable like platinum that is nearly worth its weight in gold.

Scrap Car Removal

You are likely thinking just how fast can I get my scrap car sold. Fast! Zoom Car Removals will make a cash estimate on your unwanted scrap vehicle over the phone or through our web page. You simply accept or reject the offer. Accept and your vehicle is sold. We’ll then schedule a Free Scrap Car Removal NSW that is scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Our Sydney Car Removal mechanics remove vehicles around the clock, every day of the year, including holidays. Before we leave, we will leave our cash offer amount in your hand provided the vehicle is the vehicle and condition you described over the phone or through our “Get a Quote” page.

We will require a few things from you…not too much, but documentation that includes your title of ownership to the vehicle or scrap certificate and your photo ID to confirm you are the owner of the vehicle, and who you say you are. We will also ask that you remove the plates to your vehicle.

When you call Zoom Car Removals, you can consider your vehicle sold! And, can quickly (the same afternoon) have that old clunker removed from your property and cash in your hand. That’s how easy it is at Zoom Car Removal to get your car sold.

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