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3 Types of Scammers to Watch Out for in Any Sydney Car Removal Industry

Scamming doesn’t necessarily mean that someone takes your money and fails to deliver a service or a good as promised. It can also mean getting below-par goods or services compared to the price you have for it. In this context, there is a lot of scamming taking place in the car removal industry in Sydney, and as one who might need such services at one point in time, you should know the kinds of tactics used by car removal scammers so that you evade them efficiently and protect yourself and your interests. Zoom Car Removal is providing you with some basic information below:

The Zero Valuation Guys

The first type of scammer you should be aware of in the car removal industry are the companies that will offer zero valuation for your car. When you call such companies to ask for a quote, after taking the details of your car, they will attempt to value it at zero so that they can offer you close to nothing. It is true that sometimes you may have a very old car, and a dilapidated one in all aspects, but the car will never value at zero. When a removal company tells you so, simply thank them for their time and continue calling other companies and asking for quotes.

The Removal Fee Type

Car removal services by most reputable cash for cars services in Australia are free. No one will ever ask you to pay removal fees to have the car removed from your premises. Once you agree on the cost, they will organise and come with their removal crew and tow trucks to tow away the car. Therefore, any company asking you to pay fees for the removal is an outright scammer who is trying to bank on your ignorance that removal services are actually free.

The Later Payment Crusaders

The other type of scammer you should be aware of when you are searching for removal services in those who are proposing to make later payments after your car is removed. This is not how things work in the industry. It is always that you make the call to request for a quote, which if you accept, you arrange for a date and time for the removal, and you are paid on or before the actual day of removal. Anyone who is not willing to give you your money as they tow your old car away is a scammer and if you decide to agree to such terms, you may never get paid.

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